History - After war

After the World War II the civil aviation got regulated by the Latvian Civil Aviation Administration, which was under the Soviet Union Civil Aviation Ministry. As first, the flights to Moscow, Tallinn, Kaunas, Liepaja and Daugavpils resumed. Later Riga Central Airport became an All-Union significance airport. Passenger traffic from Riga did not depart just from Spilve, but also from Rumbula airport. Flights used aircraft such as Li-2, from 1959 also Jak-12, An-2, Il-14. In May 1954 a new Soviet neoclassical style terminal building (architect S. Vorobjov) in Riga Central Airport was completed. By the 1975 airport Spilve was one of the largest airports in the western USSR, capable of receiving more than 50 airplanes simultaneously. After the new Riga airport construction Spilve Airport lost its importance, and until 1986 was used only for domestic flights. Up till the end of 1980-ies the airport was used for the training needs of Riga Civil Aviation Institute students.



Izveidota jauna sadaļa mājaslapā dronu pilotiem un opertoriem.
Effective October 12 anyone wanting to enter Latvia will need to have a filled electronic form "Covidpass.lv". More info here: https://www.iem.gov.lv/en/jaunums/no-12-oktobra-skersojot-latvijas-republikas-robezu-bus-jaaizpilda-elektroniska-anketa
Military exercise 22-25 SEP in Riga and vicinity will put limitations on Spilve usability. Actively check the published info in AIP SUP and NOTAMs!
August 17, 1200-1800 the Aviation Festival in Spilve!!!
100LL not avbl at the moment.
April 18, 1030-1300 (local) UAV mission will take place in Riga Port over Sarkandaugava max. ALT 200FT.
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