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On aerodrome status and actions in 2019

Greetings to all the aviators in the upcoming New Year!

You've probably followed various news about the fate of the aerodrome in the media. Much of what is read there is also directly related to reality. So, very briefly, about the current situation and expectations for the future:

1) The existing "old" foundation "Lidlauks Spilve" is currently being closed, instead, the "new" foundation "Lidosta Spilve" is operating for about a year already. This step had to be taken because the old foundation was founded by the Riga City Council, which, after several years of operation of the aerodrome, has realized that this model is not really correct, that the operation of the aerodrome is not a municipal function. The new foundation was founded by several companies and individuals interested in the development of Spilve. The contact info of the new foundation is already in the contact section of this website.

2) The new foundation has received the status of a public benefit organization and has already received a civil engineering structure for free use - runway with taxiways N, M, S and F. As soon as the documents for land under the runway with the Freeport of Riga are arranged, an application for the aerodrome certificate will be submitted to the CAA. this should take place in the first quarter of 2019.

3) Operation of the entire active aerodrome, i.e., the apron will gradually be moved to the NE end of runway, to the area between the runway and the Daugavgrīva highway during the year 2019-2020.

4) Aerodrome fees: single landing fees remain the same for the time being but the annual aerodrome usage fee will be 365 EUR per pilot in 2019. Anyone ready to open his/her flying season can transfer the fee to the new foundation bank account which can be found in the Contacts page already now stating following phrase in the payment details: "ANNUAL AERODROME FEE FOR 2019, pilot's NAME, SURNAME".

Fly safely and follow the rules!

Attention! Flight rule changes!

In accordance with administrative act of CAA, all flights within Spilve ATZ shall have:
1) two-way radio;
2) Mode A/C transponder, sq2000;
3) active flight plan.



To Spilve users:


New AIP chapter on aerodrome Spilve with new flight rules and procedures is effective May29, 2014. Even if one single light minded pilot will neglect or break these rules, we all can get punished.
Every pilot who did not attend one of the two seminars organized in May shall learn the information independently and sign the special instruction journal which will be available in Spilve briefing room starting evening of May 27.
The EVRS AIP chapter can be downloaded HERE
NB! The meteorological minimum for VFR flights in Spilve ATZ shall be the same as for Riga CTR (visibility minimum 5km and clouds not lower than 1500 ft). Regarding current WX consult Riga ATIS.



Airfield database created by few Latvian enthusiastic flyers has moved to new location MyAirfields.com
We strongly suggest pilots to use it for reference!

Aviation Celebration in the Aerodrome Spilve got 65 000 visitors over the weekend



Tie down your aircraft!

Video from Spilve Aviation Celebration 2011


We have some stock of club fuel. If you join the club, you can borrow the fuel for EUR 2.50.



April 18, 1030-1300 (local) UAV mission will take place in Riga Port over Sarkandaugava max. ALT 200FT.
Today, April 5 1100-1400 (local) UAV mission will take place in Riga Port over Sarkandaugava max. ALT 200FT.
Windsock is damaged. Please use other means to detect wind direction.
21SEP 1600 (local) till 22SEP 1500 (local) runway closed due to pavement reconstruction near threshold 14.
July 25 1900-2000 (local time) runway will be closed due to pavement maintenance.
July 24 1800-2000 (local time) runway will be closed due to pavement maintenance.
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