History - WWI

Spilve meadows were used for military aviation needs already during the World War I.

This time is vividly described in the Latvian aviation pioneer Rudolf Celms’ adventure book "You shall fly":

"It seems that the old "Voisin", nearing Riga, starts to growl funnier, to move more vividly. Flying over the Daugava, the old machine already knows my homeland’s air. It seems to me that she'll like Riga and Spilve airfield will be sufficiently solid to her wide wheels." .. "For a long time we circle over Spilve, finally spirals of smoke appear from three spots - there's our new airfield, there we will land. Gūtiņmuižas meadow behind Rātsupīte, where bathing is so warm." (p. 105)

"Two other planes roaring above Riga - our planes were probably bringing greetings to Latvian belles, who have long had a deep respect towards pilots... We started toward Bolderāja. Then along Lielupe to Sloka, further Lapmezciems, Kemeri and along the frontline..." (p. 108)





Aerodrome license expired.
November 18 1300-1500 (local time) Spilve ATZ will be reserved for airshow activities.
Saturday October 1 from 15.00 (loc.) till 21.00 (loc.) runway will be closed.
Attention! September 13-14 works on pre-threshold area rwy32 will be carried out.
Attn to those flying to Ādaži! Asphalt runway is under maintenance today, use only grass runway!
From August 23 0630 (0330Z) till August 24 0830 (0530Z) aerodrome Spilve, like other surrounding aerodromes, will be closed.
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