To/From - By car

To get to the aerodrome Spilve by car, you must go Pardaugava, i.e., the left bank of the Daugava River. Next, everything is very simple - choose the street, which runs parallel to the shore of Daugava - in the southern part of the city it is Mūkusalas street, farther north it is Daugavgrīvas street - and go north. From Daugavgrīvas street, where it first crosses the railway, turn left to unnamed avenue that will lead you straight to the old airport terminal building. The are in fromt of the building is blocked to traffic - there turn right.

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Runway is not safe for flight operations as it is covered with a thick layer of wet snow.
Messages to [email protected] are not received currently.
21SEP 1600 (local) till 22SEP 1500 (local) runway closed due to pavement reconstruction near threshold 14.
July 25 1900-2000 (local time) runway will be closed due to pavement maintenance.
July 24 1800-2000 (local time) runway will be closed due to pavement maintenance.
Aerodrome license expired.
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